Monday, 23 May 2016

#004: Kind Souls

Hi there.

I know I haven't been posting ever since Day 1 of my Hong Kong trip, and I blame it mainly on school (and also my lack of time management and laziness...) but trust me, it'll be up by the end of this month, if you're keeping a lookout for it:)

Anyway, I decided to revive this blog because of what happened this morning.

This morning, I blacked out again. Or almost anyway, I felt myself slipping away. So basically, I was kinda running late for intern work, so I just grab and eat a banana otw to the bus stop. While I was about to reach the bus stop, some 100m away, I realised that the bus is arriving in 1 minute so I sprinted all the way and voila, it just reached #madeit #yas. Probably due to the last minute dash, I felt kind of light-headed and having fainted a few times before, I knew that whatever that I'm feeling right now doesn't bode well. So I called my dad to see if he's nearby but nope. Having felt slightly better, I boarded the bus just as it was about to close the door.

It's the moment after I tapped my card when my mind goes, 'wrong move'.

'Cause the dizziness and light-headedness somehow manifested and oh god, I knew I need to lie down to let the blood flow to my brain #experienced. But the bus is filled with people such that I can't even find a seat so I ask this guy at one of the priority seats to let me have it 'cause I'm feeling unwell. And he went, 'Of course!' So I took a seat and tried to rest and tilting my head, hoping to feel better, but nope, I just kept breaking out in cold sweat. My heart's beating very fast and it's getting more and more suffocating such that I can't really talk a lot (I missed my family's calls 'cause of this, who called because my dad told them I'm feeling unwell). I remembered my head getting more and more light-headed and me losing control of my body. I can't even see much anymore; everything is pitch black, and I can only see outlines of people. The only thing that I still have control over is my mind, which is saying, yiting no, stop, open your eyes, don't go away. Finally, I opened my eyes and picked up my sister's call (actually I can't really see so I didn't know it was her till I answered the call). Then I put her on hold and tried to get this woman (from her silhouette) to help me by saying, 'can you help me, I'm feeling very unwell/dizzy'. I said twice but she ignored me, though to her credit, she may be on her earpieces (I can't see). I asked the same thing to the lady in the middle, who just got there 'cause the bus just reached a stop, so people are alighting and boarding and moving around. She's an Indian lady and she helped to fan me and I felt better almost immediately. My vision is slightly clearer (more lights). The other (Singaporean (cause simply Chinese could mean PRC)) Chinese lady beside her (not the first one), helped me answered my phone (from my mum) and said that she will bring me to Changi General Hospital. The Indian lady had to alight at the Simei MRT stop, so the other lady took over the newspaper and helped to fan me. At the following stop, she asked if I could walk and I said I don't think so, so she and the slightly aged man beside me (uncle or grandpa idk) helped me to the exit. Then she left me at the bus stop while she went over to the hospital to grab a wheelchair for me since I don't have the energy to walk. After the little schoolkid left the bench which I was on, I immediately laid down on the bench (even though I'm wearing a dress lol) 'cause I know that lying down is one of the faster ways to feel better. And yes, my vision cleared in a few minutes. There are a few other concerned passers-by at the bus stop telling me to keep my valuables and keeping an eye on me before the other lady returns with the wheelchair. One of the passer-by, an Indian guy, offered to push me to CGH while the other lady walked with us. That's when I know that she's a nurse at CGH. I told them to push me to the taxi stand/information counter as my dad is driving over in 10 - 15 minutes. But regretfully, I didn't manage to get their names...

Thankful, so thankful for these kind souls otw to work!! They have completely no obligations and could have just left me be and go on with their daily lives but no! So blessed. May these kind souls be rewarded with kindness in their lives, especially the nurse at CGH!!:)

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